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Jerzey’s Dog Resort has several boarding options to accommodate our guests.

Guests are encouraged to bring comfort items from home such as beds, blankets, toys and treats. No bowls, rawhide or rope toys please!

All dogs less than one year old are required to stay in a crate.

Rate is $33+tax/day

Additional dogs from the same family in the same boarding accommodation are $28+tax/day.

Drop off and pick up days count as one day each.

Daytime Play

All guests have the option to participate in daytime play. Dogs that are able to play well with other dogs have the option of being placed in a play group with other dogs of similar size and temperament. We also accommodate dogs that prefer to play alone. We have 9 outdoor play yards as well as an indoor play yard so there is plenty of room for ample exercise and play for all guests!

This service is complimentary for all boarding guests as we know that most dogs require exercise and we want all guests to have fun during their stay!

Swim Time

We know there are many dogs that love swimming in their pool at home so now they can have that even when they are not at home! Feel free to bring a life jacket if your dog normally uses one. .

Dogs must be boarding in order to have swim time. Dogs can have one or more swim sessions during their stay with a maximum of one session per day .

Swim session:


We offer several pampering options for our dogs looking to leave boarding extra fresh!

Full Service Grooming: Starting at $50+tax

Bath, Blow Dry & Brush:
Starting at $25+tax

Nail Trim: $15+tax

Bath price depends on size & coat. We can happily provide you a price when we meet you. Ear cleaning is included in the bath price.

More Info for Jerzey's Guests   

Visiting the Resort

We understand that leaving your dog behind can be an agonizing decision. We encourage you to bring your family and your dog to meet us and tour the facility before their first stay. Some owners opt to bring their dog for a day visit, or to spend a night before their first time away from home. These are good ways to introduce your dog to new surroundings and will allow you to feel more confident when leaving them behind for the first time. If you are interested in scheduling a visit, please let us know when you call and we can determine a time that will work.

What to Bring

  1. Food: We require that all dogs come with the same diet they are eating at home, along with their feeding schedule. Consistency in diet is better for your dog and lessens the chance they will return home with an upset stomach. We welcome any diet that is fed to your dog. We have the facilities to refrigerate, as well as warm foods that require it.
  2. Medication: We are able to administer most medication that is not injected. Please discuss all medication needs when you call.
  3. Something soft: We encourage you to bring your dog’s bed or blanket. The scent will help make them feel more at home. While our entire facility is heated and equipped with central air conditioning, it is nice to have a soft place to sleep after a busy day! If you do not bring your own bed or blanket, we will provide one for your dog.
  4. Personal items: We also encourage everyone to bring their dog’s toys and favorite treats, as well as any other items from home you would like them to have.

Vaccination Requirements

Rabies, Distemper & Bordetella (Kennel Cough). All vaccines must be current and proof must be shown at the time of check-in. We recommend that our guests receive their vaccinations at least 2 days prior to boarding.

Flea & Tick Medication

Unpleasant side effects may occur if wet flea and tick medication is ingested by another dog. For this reason, we require that your dog’s flea and tick product be completely dry before they are brought to Jerzey’s. Drying time is about 24 hours.

Any dog found to have fleas will be charged for a flea bath. Charges based upon size and hair coat.


Tax is additional to all rates listed. Boarding charges are billed on a daily rate. Drop off and pick up days count as one day each.


We accept payment in the form of cash or check at drop off or pick up.



Jerzey's Dog Resort Building

About Jerzey's Dog Resort

Jerzey’s Dog Resort opened its doors in June 2015! The Resort is a comfortable, cozy and fun boarding environment for our doggie guests! We create an intimate atmosphere by limiting reservations to about 20 dogs. There is an indoor play yard as well as 8 outdoor play yards including 1 yard with an in-ground swimming pool & 1 yard with a large custom made jungle gym and a kiddie pool! Jerzey’s opened in the same location that was formerly Bailey’s Bed and Biscuit.



Jerzey's Dog Resort Owner, Kristine

About the Owner

Kristine has been an animal lover since a very young age. She raised a dog, cat, chickens, pigs and deer just to name a few! While raising her dog, Jerzey, Kristine developed a true appreciation for the type of companionship provided by a dog that is unmatched by any other pet.

After graduating college, Kristine worked in Corporate America for 4 years and quickly realized that type job was not for her. Deep down in her heart, Kristine aspired to be an entrepreneur. Due to her love of dogs, she began a small dog boarding business in 2014 which very quickly transformed into the dream to own her own dog boarding facility. As a result, Jerzey’s Dog Resort was born.

Kristine was a student of Elizabeth Carbone, Owner/Director of Dog Logic, in Gansevoort NY in 2014. Through her education and experience with Elizabeth and her staff, Kristine gained dog behavior knowledge and hands-on experience caring for dogs in an individual and group setting. Kristine also trained with Maureen Telisky, Owner of Bailey’s Bed and Biscuit, to ensure a smooth transition for all guests including dogs and their families!

A note from Kristine to all of Bailey’s clients: I understand the importance of trust when it comes to leaving your dog at a boarding facility and I am looking forward to instilling the same level of trust in you that you had with Maureen. Thank you in advance for allowing me this opportunity.


Jerzey's Dog Resort
568 Clark Rd
Gansevoort, NY 12831
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Pick Up & Drop Off
By Appointment Only

Mon-Fri: 8-10am or 4-5pm
Saturday: 8-10am only
Sunday: 9-10am or 5-6pm

You MUST have a prearranged appointment to come to our facility.

Holidays: Although we are not open for appointments on holidays, we are still attentively caring for our guests on these days.